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compare schools & trust wide figures

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The way in which Trusts and groups of schools access data is of utmost importance, it can be a challenge to not only collate the data from several schools but to present it in a uniform, succinct way. 


Same data, functionality and similar visuals 

hellodata focuses on presenting the same functionality, intuitive interface and clear representation of data for Trusts and individual schools.  This enables school leaders to easily interact and respond to questions from the Trust due the familiarity with how the data is displayed.  Gone are the days of producing different reports for different audiences. 

Confidence in the data is of utmost importance; helloData uses the same data as the school version therefore discrepancies do not occur between the Trust view and the school view. 

A variety of features aimed at Trust users 

As with the school dashboards, the Trust version has been, and continues to be, developed in consultation with existing customers and advisors. Key features include: 

  • Choose which schools are compared side-by-side  

  • Whole Trust and ‘all selected’ schools figures are provided  

  • Choose to include national benchmark data 


Flexibility to choose to view pupil level data 

helloData offers flexibility to the Trust in what views each user can have access to.  Trust leaders can choose to have access to the school view, with pupil level data, using the same login as the multi view.  A simple filter within the school view enables users to quickly switch between schools or even amalgamate the data. 

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