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Trend Analysis

across different groups & years

trend analysis.png

For trusts, school leaders and subject coordinators, monitoring school improvement and the effectiveness of a development plan can be difficult to do as it can take time to see the improvements filter through.

helloData provides a one-page trend analysis to summarise the percentage achieving expected and above for each academic year e.g. Y6 for 17/18, 18/19 and 22/23.   

Choose to view the charts your way 

  • Select the academic years to include 

  • Choose the year group 

  • Select the required term 

  • Decide on the subject 

  • Select which groups to view e.g. PP, SEN 

  • Include the national data 


The page can also be changed to show the visuals as data tables instead and as always these can be exported to Excel. 

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