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of whole school, year group, class or individuals


A key data requirement for schools and trusts is to be able to monitor attendance figures.  helloData provides summarised figures direct from the MIS. 

Attendance summary report 

  • Attendance by year group 

  • Attendance by class 

  • Attendance by individual pupil 

  • Overall attendance for the whole school 

  • Choose whether to include Nursery pupils 


All the visuals are interactive, and the usual groups filters are available to drill into the data further. 


Monitoring Attendance Bands 

As part of the above report, a chart places individual pupils into attendance bands.  This enables users to view, at a click on a button, the pupils of most concern, or those with high attendance. 

These attendance bands are also available as a filter on all the other dashboards so that users can view the impact of attendance on the assessment data. 

Coming Soon 

We have been consulting with existing customers to understand additional enhancements to these reports and are looking forward to releasing some exciting new features soon! 

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