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Key Groups

e.g disadvantaged, SEN, custom groups

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Arguably the most important information for ensuring accuracy of data and to enable leaders to fully analyse assessment data, is having up to date contextual data.  helloData links automatically with the MIS meaning that this information is up to date.

With over 25 groups, examples include: 

  • All core pupil information 

  • Ethnicity and EAL 

  • All pupil premium categories 

  • Prior attainment groups 

  • Term of birth 

  • SEN 

A summary report is provided where, on one page, users can see the number or percentage of pupils in each group, along with the names of the pupils and a distribution chart. The trust version provides figures for the whole trust as well as comparing schools side-by-side. 

View your own user defined groups direct from the MIS 

If the school uses user defined groups in the MIS, e.g. for interventions or clubs, helloData can include these groups. 

Ready-made pupil group analyses 

All relevant dashboards provide a ready-made breakdown of the data by key group.  This enables users to quickly spot differences in data between the groups.   

  • The groups also include a row for the ‘non’ group e.g. ‘non pupil premium’ 

  • Choose which groups to display in the table or chart 

Use the contextual groups to filter any dashboard 

In addition to the above, dashboards can be filtered by key group(s), we even provide filters for: 

  • Attendance Bands e.g. view the assessment data for those with less that 80% attendance 

  • Admission Groups e.g. pupils that have been on roll since Reception/KS1/last 2 years and those that haven’t, this is a hugely popular feature for schools with high pupil mobility 

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