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Analysis of Data

including national benchmarking

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Analysing assessment data is an essential part to improving pupil outcomes; it allows teachers and leaders to quickly respond to how individuals and groups are achieving.  However, all too often data analysis is seen as a burden and something that takes teachers and leaders away from other important aspects of running a school and teaching.   

helloData transforms data analytics by addressing 4 key principles: 

Fast time to data insights 

  • Ready-made analytics direct from the MIS 

  • Interactive display to drill down to pupil level data with one click 

  • Group percentages and pupil level data easily visible on one screen 

  • Comparative national benchmarking 

  • Attainment, progress, attendance and pupil demographics in one place 

Accurate data 

helloData automatically extracts the data from the MIS without the need to transfer information from one system to the other.  This ensures that all the pupil groups, attendance and assessment data match the MIS.  

Flexibility and customisation of reports 

The helloData reports provide the ability to analyse and filter the data by: 

  • School-by-school comparison 

  • Whole school views by year and class 

  • Group analysis with the ability to choose which groups are on display 

  • Custom groups direct from the MIS 

  • Ability to filter reports by key group, attendance, class, year and pupil 

Access & reports for all stakeholders  

  • School view dashboard which includes pupil level data 

  • Governor dashboard view without pupil names 

  • Multi school dashboard comparing schools and providing trust wide figures  

  • The school/trust has full control over the permissions and access for each person  

Analysing data should never be a burden in terms of time, cost or most importantly understanding.  Our reports ensure that the visualisations are easy to understand, interactive, always up to date. Most importantly, they offer the ability to spot trends quickly, allowing more time for leaders and teachers to decide on next steps, whilst all the while utilising the MIS for data entry. 

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