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your MIS data visualised

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Tracking pupil achievements at an individual and group level is a crucial part of improving pupil outcomes and overall school improvement.  Since the change in the curriculum, schools assess their pupils in a variety of ways depending on the subject, year and pupils’ ability.  Different grades and expectations are commonplace, as is the way a school or trust prefers to analyse and present the data.   

Simplifying assessment in Primary schools 

This complexity of assessment tracking in schools can often be overwhelming and leads to unnecessary expenditure of time and money.  At trust level it can involve a lot of work to collate the information from each school.  At helloData, having spent years working in the assessment tracking field and with cutting-edge data analytics tools, we specialise in consulting with schools and trusts on how they want to assess, to ensure the setup in use is as efficient and informative as possible. 

Combine the power of your MIS and helloData 

We provide simple methods for entering data, utilising the MIS functionality found within Arbor, Integris and SIMS.  We then automatically present the data back in a comprehensive set of dashboards using PowerBI to visualise your data

In-depth analytics and pupil data at a click of a button 

Assessment data can often be seen as daunting and hard to decipher, it can also take the focus away from the individual learner.  This is why we have made all helloData reports intuitive to use, interactive and, at a click of a button, view individual pupil data on one screen.   

Accessible for all   

School, Governor and Trust views are all provided, allowing leaders to choose how to visualise the data based on their own need. 

Check out our product feature pages to see examples of what we offer or book an individual demo now. 

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