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Attainment & Progress

as a summary or or by pupil names

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Evaluating the attainment and progress of individuals and groups is important in order to understand what the next steps might be.  This needs to be presented in a clear and concise manner whilst providing the ability to customise the view and apply filters is paramount. 

Past, Present and Future Attainment Views 

Understanding the achievements of an individual involves looking back at prior attainment and how this compares to where individuals are now and where you want to get them to.  helloData offers the ability to view trust, whole school, year, class, group and individual attainment for the following: 

  • Quickly view previous terms and academic years 

  • View the current attainment summary 

  • On track in each subject and Reading, Writing, Maths combined 

  • Average attainment 

  • Individual pupil results next to summary data 

Statutory Attainment Summaries 

Choose to view the statutory data and use our Statutory Summary Data and Phonics dashboards for a one-page summary of statutory data.   

View progress your way  

Measuring progress continues to evolve partly based on the national methodology but also on how a school or trust chooses to measure progress.  helloData offers a variety of visualisations to suit your individual requirements: 

  • Progress Steps  

  • Average Progress by whole school, group and individual. 

  • Progress across the Key Stage – choose to view this as percentages, count of pupils or by pupils' names. 

  • Progress Summary – view the percentages or count of pupils that have made expected progress from any starting point. 

Pupil Profile Summary 

This report provides a single page overview of contextual information, attendance, attainment and progress, particularly useful for pupil progress meetings and parent consultations. 

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